Do you have ongoing digestive, emotional, physical or other health problems which have not responded to other treatments or therapies?

Would you like to explore the root cause of your symptoms and have a personalised, reliable and enjoyable treatment plan?

Are you confused by the vast amount of ever-changing messages about healthy ways of eating and want help to find what works best for your body and lifestyle?

The foods we eat, how well we digest and our lifestyles have a profound effect on our health, mood and energy levels. Excitingly, science now backs this up. Every day we are seeing more studies which confirm that making simple changes to the way we eat can significantly improve our health.

I’m deeply interested in the reason why people have the symptoms they do and aim to act as your health detective – exploring any tiny clues I can find that can help us detect the possible root cause of your symptoms.

We will work together to create a personalised plan of manageable diet and lifestyle changes to support optimal health and wellbeing.

I am qualified in Nutritional Medicine and practice a Functional Medicine approach –a whole-person, science-informed approach. This way of working treats each person individually, focusing on the unique factors that may be creating or exacerbating your symptoms or health condition. I have worked as a health care practitioner for over 30 years and teach nutrition to doctors and medical students.

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I could not recommend Helen highly enough The consultation was invaluable; it changed my attitude and outlook towards nutrition and she provided me with excellent nutritional guidance tailored to my existing health issues and concerns. She made the whole process simple, effortless, and more importantly, enjoyable. (Lucy, aged 42, Bristol)

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