This innovative day course offers information about whole person approaches for mental wellbeing. It’s designed to inspire people with low mood and anxiety with new information and equip participants with easy to follow self-help strategies to help re-find strength and balance. Supporters are welcome to attend.

As far as we’re aware, it’s the first workshop in the UK to be co-led by a psychiatrist and nutritional therapist. Shirley and I did a talk recently for health professionals on this topic which stimulated a lot of interest.

We’re hearing so much about soaring levels of mental illness and so it feels timely to be offering a course like this.

It’s becoming more widely understood that there are broader underlying issues than just life stress that can cause low mood – from inflammation to other physical causes like poor digestive health and nutrient deficiencies. Excitingly, some scientists are talking about the importance of nutrition becoming part of mainstream psychiatry. A group of world experts are gathering to talk about this topic at a conference in London this Autumn.

Join us to:

  • Explore the relevance of the above new thinking about underlying causes of depression (inflammation, digestive health, nutritional deficiencies etc.)
  • How the foods we eat affect our emotions
  • Ways to find inner strength and activities that lift spirits
  • How to improve sleep and calm busy minds and tense bodies

The course will offer time for reflection about what might be some of the priorities for each participant to address. We’re very aware that when people are struggling with low mood, they can feel un-motivated and easily overwhelmed, so we will support people to look at priority areas to help change feel more manageable.

For further information or to book contact Helen: 07905 383203